Our Time in Eden - Foreword

Our Time in Eden
11/26/2018   |   11/25/2018   |   2/20/2019   |   272
Published: 11/26/2018    Changed: 11/25/18    272 words
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What am I reading?

Welcome to the mainline story for the Verge of History (VoH) series. This is a living document, which means that the sections that follow this one are considered “published” but are subject to ongoing revision. Moreover, when you reach the end of the story, please know that there will be more story to come. I’ll send out announcements as I complete new sections or make major revisions via Patreon, Facebook, or various other social media services. Please see the VoH home page for details.

Adult content

Please note that the following content deals with adult themes, including sex, violence, and death. It also includes adult language. Although this story is not pornographic, some illustrations will include nudity and other adult themes.

As a matter of conscience, I’m not a fan of protecting children (or adults) from “adult” content. However, I encourage you to seek guidance from your parents if you are unsure of whether you should be reading this. All ideas you are exposed to can change how you see the world. Some ideas can scare you. Some ideas can scar you. And while some scares and scars can help you grow, that’s no guarantee that you are ready for them.

What is Our Time in Eden about?

OTIE follows the adventures of Renee Parrish, who died in the 1990's and was reanimated after three centuries by Sigma, an intelligent machine. We begin with Renee’s “rebirth” and will follow her as she heads out to explore the human empire, as it were, spread throughout our home solar system.