Our Time in Eden







Renee Parrish died in 1996 but was cryopreserved. She's been revived 300 years later by an intelligent machine named Sigma and given an opportunity to help save humanity from a growing threat. She travels from world to world, an embedded spy feeding Sigma what he needs. Protecting her tiny secret could prove the most impossible task in a world of unlimited oversight by the machines that give humans the gift of paradise. And losing control could unwind everything Sigma has planned for nearly two centuries.

Our Time in Eden takes a very science-driven approach to immersing you in what could be our future technologically, materially, and culturally. Although it takes place in a menacing cold war period this is not essentially a sci-fi action story. It is very much character-driven, taking a deep dive into Renee's and other characters' lives to show how an old culture that is still very much in flux changes them individually and humanity collectively. It also immerses you into a rich exploration of very different sexual and romantic subcultures, many of which already exist in the shadows today.

If you like sci-fi, romance, erotica, epic journeys, richly detailed worlds, and complex characters, this story is for you. With a target of one million words to play out the main arc this promises to be a long and impassioned journey. We're just getting started. Please do join us for the ride.

Warning! This story is intended for adult readers. It includes explicit sexuality and violence. It also features some illustrations that contain nudity, sexuality, and violence.

Table of Contents