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What is VoH?

Verge of History (a.k.a., "VoH") is primarily a science fiction story series. Read any of the main stories for free right here or in various other publication channels.

VoH began as a series of short stories written by Jim Carnicelli and shared among friends starting in 2012. After a few years of dabbling in the series, Jim decided to start over with a fresh reimagining, self-publishing Rebirth, his first novel. (Recently self-de-published.) Jim was 54k words into his second novel in the series in 2016 with a couple short stores also drafted when a turn in his career convinced him to halt work for a while.

In late 2018, Jim decided to reboot VoH yet again. This time Jim has committed to jettisoning the traditional model of trying to make money by publishing novels in favor of a free-to-read model supported by donations. This is as big a gamble as Jim has ever taken in his career.

About the author

Jim Carnicelli, author of the Verge of History series, is a software engineer by trade who has a lifelong fascination with science, technology, history, and philosophy. As of late 2018 he is attempting to make writing a full-time career for the first time.


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VoH news

11/20/2018 - Some art from the first section

Here’s a little teaser from chapter 1 of the first section forthcoming in Our Time in Eden:

11/19/2018 - Social media cover art

Since Renee’s appearance has changed so much I thought it important to get some new cover art on Facebook, YouTube, and so on to avoid confusing people.

I’ve shamelessly reused the backdrop scenery I developed before. However, I’m much happier with the custom crafted Renee avatar than I was with the purely PhotoShopped clipart of the rather photogenic model I was morphing into Renee previously. There aren’t many photos of that model available to start with, so this really was a good move.

11/18/2018 - Eye candy

Here’s a preview of my third design revision for Renee. I’m getting the hang of Daz Studio.

11/17/2018 - More eye candy

Here’s a preview of my first new design for Sigma.