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What is VoH?

Verge of History (a.k.a., "VoH") is primarily a science fiction story series. Read any of the main stories for free right here or in various other publication channels.

VoH began as a series of short stories written by Jim Carnicelli and shared among friends starting in 2012. After a few years of dabbling in the series, Jim decided to start over with a fresh reimagining, self-publishing Rebirth, his first novel. (Recently self-de-published.) Jim was 54k words into his second novel in the series in 2016 with a couple short stores also drafted when a turn in his career convinced him to halt work for a while.

In late 2018, Jim decided to reboot VoH yet again. This time Jim has committed to jettisoning the traditional model of trying to make money by publishing novels in favor of a free-to-read model supported by donations. This is as big a gamble as Jim has ever taken in his career.

About the author

Jim Carnicelli, author of the Verge of History series, is a software engineer by trade who has a lifelong fascination with science, technology, history, and philosophy. As of late 2018 he is attempting to make writing a full-time career for the first time.


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VoH news

12/13/2018 - Building a spacecraft

I’m trying my hand at modeling a spacecraft described in my forthcoming Our Time in Eden section called “The Corvus”. It’s meant to be an interplanetary passenger ship that is made primarily of an inflated passenger compartment and fabric-walled cubicles for passengers. There’s more to it all but below is an early test render. I have a lot more work ahead of me on this but I at least like the austere feel of it. And I’ve proved that the awkward workflow I’m refining for modeling across several tools is at least practical.

12/10/2018 - Next installment published

The third major installment of Our Time in Eden is out now. It’s titled Satellite.

12/6/2018 - Another new character

First draft of one of 4 new illustrations coming out with the next section.

12/5/2018 - A childhood friend of Renee’s

A test render of a minor character I’m introducing in the next section:

12/2/2018 - New section (#3) published

I’ve published the second real content section in Our Time in Eden, titled Never a Fresh Start. I finished it in just under one week. I didn’t think I’d be able to produce another 8k words and 2 illustrations that quickly. And I don’t imagine I can keep up this pace forever, but I’m happy with it for now. If you’re new to OTIE I encourage you to dive in right at the start.

I’ve also done some light editing of the first section, Rebirth. I plan to keep this story a living document with refinements happening as I get feedback and inspiration.

As with the first section, I’ve added a lengthy Author Notes portion. These are available to patrons.

11/27/2018 - Our Time in Eden gets a book cover

If you haven’t already, please do dive into the OTIE story.

11/26/2018 - First section published!

It is done. I’ve officially kicked off the all new Our Time in Eden series as the first story in the VoH universe. I’ve also crafted 4 illustrations for it, which is 3 more than I expected I would. I’m very happy with how the story is going so far. I think you’ll love it too. Please do dive in.

And when you’re done I invite you to join our Discord server to tell me and others what you think. And please do share links to VergeOfHistory.com or the Our Time in Eden table of contents page. My initial audience is small, so every last friend you tell about VoH is precious to my success with this. Thank you.