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What is VoH?

Verge of History (a.k.a., "VoH") is primarily a science fiction story series. Read any of the main stories for free right here or in various other publication channels.

VoH began as a series of short stories written by Jim Carnicelli and shared among friends starting in 2012. After a few years of dabbling in the series, Jim decided to start over with a fresh reimagining, self-publishing Rebirth, his first novel. (Recently self-de-published.) Jim was 54k words into his second novel in the series in 2016 with a couple short stores also drafted when a turn in his career convinced him to halt work for a while.

In late 2018, Jim decided to reboot VoH yet again. This time Jim has committed to jettisoning the traditional model of trying to make money by publishing novels in favor of a free-to-read model supported by donations. This is as big a gamble as Jim has ever taken in his career.

About the author

Jim Carnicelli, author of the Verge of History series, is a software engineer by trade who has a lifelong fascination with science, technology, history, and philosophy. As of late 2018 he is attempting to make writing a full-time career for the first time.


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VoH news

4/18/2019 - View all the art of VoH

You can now view the artwork of Our Time in Eden and other stories as they emerge collected in one page.

4/16/2019 - Toxin section published today

I’ve published the next installment of Our Time in Eden. Renee gets a taste of what family means on Kalju. And the tragedy of one man’s life without any family. She gets her first real taste of the evil Sigma has warned her about. And a choice about how to confront it.

Here’s an illustration from it of Mistress Toxin herself:

4/10/2019 - Delyth

Here’s a test render for a new character in Our Time in Eden. Delyth was named in the most recent installment (In Castor’s orbit). Renee will finally be meeting Delyth and some of Castor’s other partners. We’ll see how that goes

4/3/2019 - Rebirth section re-published today

I did some major reworking of the original opening section of Our Time in Eden. I was never entirely happy with how the story started out. That’s one reason for adding the prologue. But also, the scenario of how Renee wakes up and meets Sigma and starts hearing what has become of her was a bit stilted. I think it’s greatly improved now. I also added this new illustration to go with the change:

3/29/2019 - In Castor’s orbit section published today

I’ve published the next installment of Our Time in Eden. With well over 17k words and 9 illustrations this is the largest section thus far. It’s the size of a typical novella.

Renee has been settling in at Kalju for a few weeks and learning to live as the hedonistic Kaljuans do. Among other things she learns more about her own kinky side. More importantly she is forging deeper connections and developing a new family of her own. And she’s discovering her inner fighter. And learning when to let go of her control over everything. She is also starting to see one of Kalju’s darker sides.

Here’s the last illustration I finished for it:

3/14/2019 - Art gallery added

Since I’ve been creating miscellaneous art related to the Our Time in Eden story I decided to create a new page for them. I’ll be adding more art there often. Here’s the first new illustration I’m adding:

3/13/2019 - Instagram

I’ve created an Instagram channel for those who are fans. I’m pumping in artwork from the Our Time in Eden story.

3/11/2019 -  Prologue section published today

I decided it was time to give Our Time in Eden a proper prologue. It’s short and action packed. But the important thing is that it gives readers a taste of what’s coming. It references a part of the story that is still months away in my planning.

If already started reading this story I encourage you to read this prologue anyway. It’s about 1,000 words long so it’s a quick read.

Here’s the illustration I made for the prologue:

3/6/2019 - Battle

Here’s a second illustration from the forthcoming section of Our Time in Eden:

3/6/2019 - Sun loungers

Here’s a first illustration from the forthcoming section of Our Time in Eden:

3/1/2019 - Going medieval section published today

I’ve published the next installment of Our Time in Eden. Here’s one of the illustrations from it: