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What is VoH?

Verge of History (a.k.a., "VoH") is primarily a science fiction story series. Read any of the main stories for free right here or in various other publication channels.

VoH began as a series of short stories written by Jim Carnicelli and shared among friends starting in 2012. After a few years of dabbling in the series, Jim decided to start over with a fresh reimagining, self-publishing Rebirth, his first novel. (Recently self-de-published.) Jim was 54k words into his second novel in the series in 2016 with a couple short stores also drafted when a turn in his career convinced him to halt work for a while.

In late 2018, Jim decided to reboot VoH yet again. This time Jim has committed to jettisoning the traditional model of trying to make money by publishing novels in favor of a free-to-read model supported by donations. This is as big a gamble as Jim has ever taken in his career.

About the author

Jim Carnicelli, author of the Verge of History series, is a software engineer by trade who has a lifelong fascination with science, technology, history, and philosophy. As of late 2018 he is attempting to make writing a full-time career for the first time.


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VoH news

1/13/2019 - Kalju’s exterior

Here are some test renders related to illustrations in the works for the next installment of Our Time in Eden:

It shows the exterior of the Kalju "spinner", a spinning space habitat. I've spent some time calculating exactly the right size and basic layout for Kalju to be able to dense-pack up to 10k residents living there. I'm having fun translating those calculations into a practical design.

1/12/2019 - Renee on Kalju

I’m hard at work on the next installment of Our Time in Eden. Here’s one of the illustrations from it:

Here's a test render from my next section of Our Time in Eden. Renee begins her stay at Kalju. Here she is wandering the halls of an apartment ring.

It's going to take me significantly longer to publish this first section at Kalju. I plan to create multiple high resolution models like this. More importantly, I'm scoping out the main characters and events that will take place at Kalju during probably the next 10 sections (about 100k words). Most of the sections behind me took about a week. This one will probably be more like three weeks I think.

1/8/2019 - Song tracks added

While these are meant to be purely written stories I’m experimenting with multimedia. I like listening to music when I read. I know others do as well. So I decided to build in an ability to embed music pairing suggestions into the text. For those of you choosing to print these out, the track boxes are hidden in the printable version.

After implementing a track list editor for myself crazy late last night I went on a blitz finding music I love to spread throughout Our Time in Eden. I tried to make each song highly appropriate to the text I anchored it in. If you are curious I encourage you to look at song titles and lyrics in addition to evaluating the feelings evoked by the sound of each song. They aren’t all perfect to me and you’re welcome to apply your own tastes in judging my choices.


1/7/2019 - En route section published today

I’ve published the next installment of Our Time in Eden. Here’s one of the illustrations from it:

12/31/2018 - Leaving home section published today

I’ve published the next installment of Our Time in Eden. Here’s one of the illustrations from it:

12/24/2018 - Aurora

I’m working on the next installment of Our Time in Eden. I’ll be creating another illustration featuring Aurora for it. Here’s a little test render of the avatar I’ve crafted:

12/20/2018 - Corvus section published today

I’ve published the next installment in the Our Time in Eden story. As always it’s free to read online and the page is printer friendly who still enjoy paper and planetary devastation.

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